Who We Are

A Road For The Cure Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of pediatric oncology patients in the Broward area. Our mission is to support these children emotionally, medically, and financially. Every single person who works for our organization is a volunteer, so you can be sure your donations go straight to our cause.


What We Do

Throughout the year we host a variety of events for children afflicted with cancer to brighten their day. Every year, we host the Winter Holiday Party and buy all of the children presents. Last year we spent over $20,000 on this event alone. We also host monthly parties for the children, and our volunteers are constantly at the hospital cheering up the kids. Our events make a huge difference in their lives by allowing the children to take their minds off their illnesses and instead have fun with our dedicated volunteers.

Medically, we fund hospital improvements as well as support the development and implementation of advanced programs. We also help facilitate the treatment of patients by assisting with transportation to specialized treatment and providing affordable medication.

It's All About Passion!

Our team of incredibly motivated volunteers works nonstop to help these children in any and every way that we can.

Our Beloved Sponsors