At A Road for the Cure, we believe that happiness paves the way to health. We work hard to ensure that the money we raise directly influences the quality of life and happiness of the kids in local hospitals. We do so by fundraising for three programs: Holiday Cheer, Child Life, and Hospital Infrastructure.     

Holiday Cheer

At our Annual Superhero Party, our volunteers celebrate the lives of our real life superheroes: the kids. Between games and laughter, our volunteers gather important intel: What do our superheroes want for the Holidays? These very important lists magically become wrapped gifts given out by Santa and his elves at our annual Holiday Party thanks to the gracious help of our sponsors and volunteers.


Child Life

A hospital stay should not be boring, especially when you’re a child. We believe in bringing happiness to the hospital on a daily basis. Our volunteers fill the kid’s rooms with laughter, toys, and activities, while we work to improve the infrastructure of the hospital. We have programming for the kids at the hospital, which includes Arts & Crafts Wednesdays, Movie Night Fridays, and more.


Hospital Infrastructure

A children’s hospital should look like it was built for kids. We built a playroom for the Pediatric Hematology Oncology Clinic, where children receive their outpatient treatments. Our 5K for a Better Day actually began with the goal of funding this playroom! Currently, our goal is to raise $500,000 to build a playroom for the Pediatric Oncology Unit, where the majority of our volunteers spend their time!


Your donation

$25 will sponsor for a movie night in the playroom, including popcorn!

$50 will sponsor arts & crafts supplies for a week!

$100 will sponsor 6 new DVDs for the movie book!

$500 will sponsor the gifts for one child for the Holiday Party!

$1,000 will sponsor a video game console for one patient room!

$5,000 will sponsor a whole game closet for the new playroom!

$10,000 will sponsor video games, consoles, a projector, and TVs for the new playroom!